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“CAHOOT?! Physical Theatre aims to subvert economic, geographic, and social boundaries by making innovative theatre accessible – to everyone."


We are CAHOOT?! We desire to challenge artistic expectations, to breathe life into stagnant spaces, and to spark conversations. We seek to create work that is subversive, evocative, persistent, fluid, thrilling, unabashed, colorful, empathetic, and alive. Curiously strange, remarkably human.


CAHOOT?! Physical Theatre is the brainchild of 5 performers and artists from across the country and beyond. Jacob Snyder Timmons (North Carolina), Emilia Björk Perkins (Sweden), Chase Perkins (New Hampshire), Gabriela Haught (California), and Eric William Jones (Wisconsin), the co-founders, met and began dreaming of this ensemble while studying together at Dell'Arte International School of Physical Theatre, the premier institute for physical theatre in the world. All five artists spent three years honing their craft, and have begun to devise wholly original work. At the core of our mission is a radical idea: theatre (and art) should be available to everyone. Our goal is to create high-quality productions available to the public -- for FREE. By doing this, we hope to break down the barriers of location, income, and class to bring innovative theatre to everyone.

Gabriela Haught, Chase Perkins and Jacob Snyder Timmons in “The Hempen Jig” (2018)

Gabriela Haught, Chase Perkins and Jacob Snyder Timmons in “The Hempen Jig” (2018)