CAHOOT?! Physical Theatre


“We are CAHOOT?! We desire to challenge artistic expectations, to breathe life into stagnant spaces, and to spark conversations. We seek to create work that is subversive, evocative, persistent, fluid, thrilling, unabashed, colorful, empathetic and alive. Curiously strange, remarkably human.”

CAHOOT?! Physical Theatre is an up and coming theatre company that consists of five theatre artists who specialize in ensemble-devised physical theatre. Their desire is to create new, dynamic physical theatre pieces and to make these performances accessible to anyone. Gabriela Haught, Eric William Jones, Emilia Bjork-Perkins, Chase Perkins, and Jacob Snyder Timmons all share a dream to take the elitism out of quality live performance — because they believe that all people should be able to experience the wonder, connectivity and play that happens between audience and performer during live performance.